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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Casey Kopua and Laura Langman


Casey Kopua and Laura Langman


I am doing Casey Kopua and Laura Langman because I love netball as my sport and I want to be a professional netball player. Casey and Laura are both JJ role models to me.


Casey and Laura played together in the WBOP (Waikato Bay of Plenty) Magic. They both played for a long time but then Laura decided to go and play for the Northern Mystics. They both play for the Silver Ferns and have played over 50 games for them and they still play.


Laura and Casey have both captained the Silver Ferns more than 5x times each. There are other people that have captained the Silver but Casey and Laura have captained them more. They both are good captains.  To be a good captain you have to be a person that is strong, supportive and has a laugh with their team.

World netball series

Casey and Laura have both been to the Commonwealth Games and won some gold and some silver medals at the netball champions and they had some great games.


Facts on Casey Kopua  

Casey got married to Terry Kopua a few years ago and they are happy together. Casey plays Gd and Gk as her position. Casey was born on the 19 of June 1985 in Hamilton. She is 1.88m tall. She has played 7 fast-5 games and 6 fast net caps.


Facts on Laura Langman

Laura got married to Adrian Pooley last year. Laura’s positions are WD, WA and C. Laura was born on the 16 April 1986 in Hamilton. Laura is 1.73m tall. She has played 14 fast-5 games and 6 fast net caps.


I hope you enjoyed reading my report. Casey and Laura have inspired me to be keep loving my netball and they have given me confidence to play my best and I hope I have inspired you to be the best you are in your sport.


By Tannah     


  1. Thanks for sharing this interesting report Tannah. I like the way you have included sub headings too.It's great to have role models to inspire you. Keeping aiming high with your netball just like Casey and Laura.

  2. I never knew that Casey and Laura were captains more than five times each! Wow!